DevFest22 DevFest22
DevFest22 DevFest22

Google’s most awaited developer conference

Come learn, network and celebrate with the Google Developer Ecosystem while also learning ML, Cloud, and Web.

7th January

FST Settat


Why attend?

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers and sessions for you to learn and enhance your skills.

Our perks

Tech Talks

Several speakers are coming together to talk about their experiences in the industry. We will also have a few lightning talks with our members.

Expert Speakers

Experts from the industry will be on hand to answer your questions and give you advice on how to get into the industry.


You will have the opportunity to network with other students and professionals in the industry.


We will be hosting a series of workshops to assist you in getting started with your tech career. Our members will also give a few lightning talks.

This is the best conference you will ever attend!

DevFest 2022

Come. Learn, Network and Celebrate with Google Developer Groups and Google Developer Experts while also learning ML, Cloud, and Web.

What's can you expect?

  • Scrumptious food

  • Exciting sessions

  • Networking opportunities

  • Take home cool swags

  • Chance to take part in fun activities

  • Meet expert speakers

Know your Speakers & Schedule

Note: This event is invite only event.
Entry is allowed based on invites.
Registration won’t guarantee access to the event.

Event info:

  • 7th January - will be focusing on tech talks and workshops

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